Tips For Your Health At This World Health Day

Today, 7 of april World Health Day. So I decided to write a post about health. Actually I’ve collected some tips that can help you with your body and health.

First of all, starting with breakfast; Some people think that skipping breakfast in the morning help them to lose weight. Actually it don’t. In fact eating breakfast help us to controll our weight.

How about eating 3 meals a day.Its important to remember that dinner doesn’t have to be the largest meal. Always avoid eating row or uncooked meat of any type.It causes your health mostly your body.
Also avoid heavy meals in the summer month especially during hot days.

Eating to much salt is also effected for your health.It can raise your blood pressure. For an adult 6g a day is enough.

Thats it. If you had enjoyed or found something useful in this post then please leave a reply or share this post.


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