How to find your lost phone

Oh my god! Where is my phone! Oh shit, I lost it!

Lost your phone? Wanna know all the information and the location of the phone? Okay don’t worry. Google will do the job for you.

Recently google has released a tool that can find your lost set. For that you’ll just have to go to the google search page and type ‘lost my phone’. Then a page will appear, which will show you the information that was synchronized with google. You will just have to click on the lost phone. Thats it.

Another good news for you. With the phone location you will be also able to lock the phone from anywhere you want.
Note: This feature only work with the android device.
Source: Prothom Alo, Google News


One response to “How to find your lost phone

  1. This tips I’m definitely bookmarking. I’m forever looking for my phone and it’s especially troublesome when I’ve shut the ringer off.

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