How To Use Whatsapp On Chrome Browser

Right now, whatsapp is the most famous messaging app in the world. So are you a fan of whatsbps? Don’t have a personal phone or wanna use is on computer? Well, here’S the answer for you, yes. You can use whatsapp on computer. Lets check out how;

Note: Only in chrome you’ll be able to use it.

To use whatsapp on chrome browser, at first you need to check out these things:

1. Install the latest version of whatsapp on your android.
2. Chrome browser installed on your PC.
3 Internet connection in your phone & PC.

Step1: First go to the whatsapp web or ( paste this link to your chrome browser.

Step2: Then you’ll see a QR code. Scan it from your phone. So, open whatsapp from ur android. Go to menu>whatsapp web and scan that QR code.

Note: If u don’t see any web option then u need to update.

Step3: Then u just need to scan that QR code to pair whatsapp on ur phone and whats app web client. Now You will able to see your messages on your chrome browser.

Thanks for reading. 🙂


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